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Friday, August 12, 2016

Reasons To Choose Life In The Womb - Be Pro-Life - Say No To Abortion And No To Pro-Choice

Dear My Beloved Daughter,

It is not an accident that you are reading this blog post.

You are struggling with making the best choice and most important decision you can make at this moment.  Within you, you are carrying a precious life of a child and he/she wants to live and grow-up and become a vital member of society.  This precious child has undiscovered talents and gifts to contribute to the world.  This precious child wants to live, and only through your cooperation of nine months, he/she can be part of a human family, where he/she is loved and cherished.

I pray that you will make the right loving decision for this precious child.

On this blog page (link below), I have compiled reasons why you should choose life for him/her.  I hope you will consider the reasons thoughtfully and carefully.  I also hope that you will reach out to others for support in choosing life for this precious child.

"Reasons To Choose Life For Your Unborn Baby – Be Pro-Life"

I know you will make the best choice for this precious child.  You are courageous and brave.  I believe in you.