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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Real Visits to Heaven and Purgatory - Definition of Holy Love

Holy Love Ministry


When the Pharisees heard that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they assembled in a body; and one of them, a lawyer, in an attempt to trip Him up, asked Him, “Teacher, which commandment of the law is the greatest?”

Jesus said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments the whole law is based, and the prophets as well.”

--Matthew 22:34-40

June 28, 1999

"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate."

"I have come to speak to you about the virtue of love. Holy Love is, as you know, the two great commandments: love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself. It is the embrace of all Ten Commandments. Holy Love is the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. It is the Divine Will of God."

"Holy Love can be likened to the sun, which spills its rays over the earth enlightening the shadows of darkness. It is like the keys to the kingdom I entrusted to My apostle Peter. It is the door to My Sacred Heart and union with Divine Love."

"Holy Love is the harmony between man, nature, and the Creator. It is the interpretation of the law and the means of all sanctification."

"The will of man must choose Holy Love. It is not open to debate, and stands undaunted in the face of discernment. Holy Love cannot be judged, for it is the judge."

"Holy Love is offered in every present moment and follows the soul into eternity."

"You will make this known." 
May 20, 2007


“I am your Angel–Alanus. I come in praise of Jesus. Jesus desires that I take you to the edge of eternity so that you can witness with accuracy all that lies in the next world for souls.”

All at once, mystically, I seemed to be standing on the edge of Paradise. The angel said,

“See, it is all peace here for every heart in pure love. You don’t need to think about sin in this moment or the next. There is no sin. There is no present or moments ahead. Everything is all one in the Eternal Now.”

It seemed I was seeing colors I never knew existed–beautiful blends of color in great richness. Alanus then said,

“Any flower you wish to smell–just think of it and you will smell it. (I thought of sweet peas.) Any food you desire, the desire will be fulfilled without eating. When you think of Jesus, He will be next to you; the same with the Holy Virgin. There is no space here–everything is everywhere–a concept the soul cannot grasp in the world. If you praise God once, the praise resonates throughout Heaven for all eternity.”

“Return and tell everyone what you saw and experienced.”

May 21, 2007

“I (Alanus) have returned. Praise be to Jesus.”

“The Lord sends me, as He desires that you better understand Heaven. Remember, there is no time or space in Heaven. This is a difficult concept for you, I know. This can best be defined as this–there is no past, present or future in Heaven. All of these come together in the Eternal Now. All is embraced and part of the Divine Will of the Eternal Father Who is the Author of All Good.”

“The Heart of God the Father is Heaven itself. No one enters outside of His Adorable Divine Will, for in Heaven all is conformed to His Will. So you see, Heaven is the perfection of the Divine Will. The ways that the soul opposes the Eternal Will of God are faults, imperfections and sins that must be atoned for, and burned away before he can enter Paradise.”

“In Heaven there is no duplicity, no criticism, no gossip, no impurity. There is only Divine Love. Therefore, the soul should prepare for Heaven by trying to overcome all his faults while on earth.”

“Further, because there is no space, everything comes together in the Eternal Now. The soul is filled at all times to the brim with all the merits and happiness he earned while on pilgrimage in the world.”

“Next I will take you to the edge of Purgatory–a grace-filled arena of holy souls.”

May 26, 2007

“I am Alanus. Jesus sends me to relate to you some knowledge of Purgatory. All praise be to Jesus.”

“The soul, once freed from the body, undergoes its final judgment. This judgment is based on the depth of Holy Love in the heart at the last breath. It is this decision to live in Holy Love or not, that the soul makes throughout his life, which determines his particular place in Heaven, Purgatory or Hell. If the soul consistently chooses Holy and Divine Love, he would have a particularly high place in Heaven. If the soul tried to live in Holy Love, but had faults in Holy Love he was unable to conquer, then he would find himself in Purgatory. So you see, it is each person who chooses his own afterlife according to free will.”

“As you know, Purgatory has many levels. The deepest level–the one farthest from God–is reserved for those souls who converted at the last moment of life or for those who had repented of grave sins, but had never atoned for them. The greatest trial in all of Purgatory is being apart from God. These souls, in the deepest part of Purgatory, feel this loss most keenly because they are the farthest from God.”

“So you see, the depth of love in your heart in this life affects you throughout eternity. Each soul’s eternal reward is based on the Holy Love in his heart throughout his lifetime.”

“I will take you to the edge of Purgatory soon.”

May 28, 2007

Alanus (angel) comes to me. He says:

“All praise be to Jesus.”

“Today in your country the citizens commemorate the dead by visiting cemeteries and decorating grave sites with flags, flowers and so forth. But what I have come to show you should change the outlook of all people concerning the hereafter if they enter into this vision of Purgatory with sincere hearts.”

He then leads me, mystically, along a path which seems to be covered in brambles. We go up a little incline and he asks me to stand beside him on the edge of a rocky cliff. He motions with a sweep of his arm, and below us is a big canyon. At one end are great flames. It looks like people in silhouettes bobbing up and down in these flames. There are loud cries for mercy and shouts of pain, but it does not alleviate the suffering. Alanus says,

“These are the souls in greatest need of prayer and sacrifice. This is the lowest part of Purgatory–the part closest to Hell itself. Many suffer here, for no one prays for them. They were regarded as ‘good’–some even ‘holy’–in their lifetime, but it was all a facade. Many priests are among these poor souls, for they were not faithful to the precepts of the Church.”

“There are those who lied about others, and destroyed their reputations. These are them.”

He shows me souls who are having molten lead poured down their throats. It burns holes through their necks but does not stop. On a ledge around this fire are many angels–more than I can count. Alanus says,

“These are the guardian angels of those poor souls being purified at this level. Through all of this suffering, the souls’ greatest trial is separation from God.”

I saw souls who seemed to have their flesh melting away. This, too, was unending. Alanus said,

“These are the ones who were guilty of sins of the flesh.”

We moved on to view the next level. There seemed to be something like water poured down on the fire so the flames were smaller–not as intense. Alanus said,

“Blood and water from the Side of Jesus continually flows upon the souls on this level.”

The souls were suffering, but all their suffering seemed more alike, and for some reason, the souls seemed more united. They had their hands raised towards an opening. They seemed to be begging for mercy. Alanus told me,

“They suffer intensely for not being in God’s Presence.”

We moved on to what seemed like a much better area. These souls looked more like people, but they were gray. Alanus said,

“These are the ones closest to Paradise. They are almost completely purified. They need maybe one Mass, or one rosary; maybe one Hail Mary to enter eternal joy.”

“So you see, decorating graves is not what souls, long deceased, cry out for. Many spend long centuries in Purgatory, for their loved ones think they are in Heaven. If you pray and sacrifice for these holy souls, they will assist you now and at the hour of your death.”

“Make it known.”

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